Get Your Social Media Ducks In A Row

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re an idea/concept person. It can be challenging to sit down and achieve the step-by-step tasks because you’re always coming up with new ideas. Setting goals, and knowing what you’d like to achieve before getting started on the execution of your ideas will help you stay on track and focused through the process. That’s why I’ve created a worksheet for you to outline everything you’ll need to begin putting your brand on social media.

Social Media Brand Worksheet

Start With The Basics

Worksheet Tip: I’ve created a fillable pdf for you, save some paper and complete the worksheet on your smartphone or tablet.

Business Name: Of course you know your business name… or do you? Are you planning on using your full legal business name? Is your business name the same as your DBA? Is there a shortened version that your customers know you by? Is it available on the social media channels you’re planning on using? Write down the name that you want to use for brand recognition.

Products & Services: You should have a pretty good idea of what your offering, but does your audience? Make it very obvious about how your services can help them. There might be some parts of your business that would be better served on social media than others. Let’s take a yoga studio for instance. This yoga studio has a brick and mortar location where they teach classes. Additionally, they have an online YouTube channel with lessons and they also have their own line of yoga mats on their website. One of their 3 month goals is to expand their customer base nationally. It would be more beneficial for them to focus on their YouTube channel and e-commerce store, because those 2 product offerings are not location-specific, whereas the classes they teach have a limited reach of the surrounding area to their studio. Always reference back to your worksheet to make sure your efforts are working towards your end game.

Complete The Entire Worksheet

Take some time to daydream about where you’d like your company to be in 3 months, and how social media can help you get there. Complete each section of the worksheet so that whenever you get stuck on your strategy, reference what the basics of it are and get back on track.

Social Media Worksheet

Execute Your Content

After completing the entire worksheet, start to plan out your posts. You can use a spreadsheet, pen and paper, tools like Evernote, or whatever you think will work best for YOU. The important part is that you complete each post. Here’s some examples of what you need to complete for each post:

  • Headline
  • 1 – 2 Sentences of Post Content
  • Image or Video
  • Hashtags
  • People or Companies You’d like to Tag in the Post
  • The Scheduled Post Date
  • Is this Post Part of a Weekly Series?

Design Success Tip: Keep your imagery consistent. When using the same type of image, viewers will recognize your brand.

Be Flexible

Listen to your audience. Check insights and analytics, and see what posts are receiving the most engagement. Check your ads every 2 days to make sure that your budget and content is resonating with your target demographics.

Strategy Success Tip: The 1st step is to start! There will always be room for improvement, but you have to take the first step to grow. Jump in!